Making small wall hangings from printed pillow panels

Since my last post, Klondike (my Gammill longarm quilting machine) has produced thousands of stitches. This morning I finished quilting four panels meant to be pillow tops, but I added borders & am calling them wall hangings or table pieces. They are Christmas bazaar items, featuring a beautiful poinsettia wreath with trumpets on a neautral background.

For you quilters interested in the process, on the first I “outlined” the individual flowers & trumpets, but this left a poufy center to which I added a small circle wreath motif. On the second I did a free hand big design reminiscent of we used to make with a grade school compass & added some half feathers in the big lobes of the design.

Neither seemed really outstanding to me–but I have to remember it’s not for me; other people’s tastes differ from mine. The remaining two have an allover crosshatch diagonal one-inch grid, except for the borders. To me they seem more elegant. Now to add the bindings which I will finish hemming by hand…

And when I really get this blog thing going, I’ll add photos!

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