Moda Challenge (2004)

Day Light Night Light

As the daylight fades & darkness approaches, the stars gradually become visible. A brilliant display of aurora flashes across the northern sky & a lone polar bear wanders the ice pack.
I love challenges. Here is another I entered in 2004.
A half yard each of twelve neutral Moda fabrics were packed in a collector’s tin lunch box. Entries had to contain a measurable amount of all twelve. I used them as small stars, machine appliqued on the bearpaw blocks of the background, & used the remainder for backing.
This was my first experience with bargello. which I found not as hard as it looks. It did not get an award, but it merited a second place ribbon at the Alaska State Fair. Of course, I thought it should have rated better! IMHO

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One Response to “Moda Challenge (2004)”

  1. Tammy Rowland (Nancy's daughter-in-law) Says:

    Your polar bear on ice with the aurora borealis is one of my favorites. I’m enjoying seeing your many creations again; especially ones that I’d forgotten about.

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