Keepsake Challenges

The Keepsake Quilting Northwoods Challenge of 2006 provided six fabrics. Rules required using at least four, & two more of my choice could be added. There were several animal prints which begged for a kaleidoscopic treatment (stack n’whack), in my opinion. For an eye-p0pping accent color, I chose a beautiful glowing golden orange/yellow with metallic accents by Laurel Birch. My octagonal design required more math than I bargained for– & involved some “by guess & by gosh” processing! It’s embellished with Swarrovski crystals.

Beauty & the Beasties

Planning for my second entry evolved into a night scene with a solitary moose appearing behind a spruce tree & some 3-D free floating birch trees, a scene we see often at our own log cabin home here in Alaska.

The finished entry had to be 30″x30″ & after machine quilting, it wasn’t quite! I tweaked the binding a bit wider, stretched & steam pressed, & it was not only accepted, but sold for my asking price!

Night Visitor

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