Keepsake Challenges continued

The six fabrics  of the 2007 Keepsake Challenge were more difficult for me to work with. But there is always the option of using only four, & adding two of my choice. My two entries are shown below.

Color Burst Star

Alaska Sky, New Year's Eve














Challenges are just that:  challenging! In my opinion, the fabrics for the 2010 challenge were ugly in combination, but they were all batiks.

With four of the available fabrics chosen, I added red & purple. The diamonds were edged with slivers of one of fabrics that didn’t appeal to me. The other green drab that I really disliked, was used to fussy cut only the flowers, which were fused  back-to-back & tacked on three-dimensionally by sewing inside the petals. After quilting, a crystal was added in the middle of each.

When I took my entry in progress to the local quilt shop to choose backing, the ladies oohed & ahhed over it, which boosted my spirits, since I was thinking it was pretty drab & humdrum in spite of the red.

Upon completing the borders, I found they were half an inch too long (entry is limited to 30″x30″), so…. It was Ripit, ripit, ripit, of the top border. Lots of thread tying, & later steam pressing carefully removed all those needle holes.

Stellar Flower Flurry

Stellar Flower Flurry, detail

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