Ready for Christmas

Cookies & candy made; I’ll do hot breads tomorrow. The floor mopped & waxed, Christmas cards mounted on the door. I put together a Christmas table centerpiece with spruce trimmings (wading thru snow over my boot tops) in lieu of a tree.

Two neighbor families stopped by with gifts of baked goods. My hathusband asked one of the families to sing a song, so together we sang “Silent Night.” What a wonderful season, commemorating the birth of our Saviour.

Our home, Lazy Mountain in the background


One Response to “Ready for Christmas”

  1. Tammy Rowland (Nancy's daughter-in-law) Says:

    I like that you shared a picture of your home all snowy. I don’t often get to see it looking like that. I like all the details that you are sharing in your blog. Makes me want to get to my craft room but… I need to finish taxes first. However, while Kimberly was here, I spent a couple of hours and finished her pillows to match her 8th grade quilt (that she rec’d from you 8 years ago).

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