A Work in Progress

Lots of work….  rather slow progress.

Some time ago our son expressed desire for  quilted coverings for the upper part of their huge living room windows. My thought was, I can do that; it’s just larger than my usual pictorial wall hangings.

After meshing plans, accumulating fabrics, including high-quality wide muslin for foundation lining & a light blocker fabric, & ordering grommet tape & grommets, I dived into the project. (Each of the two sections is about the size of a queen bedspread.) Later I got discouraged & had second thoughts, but I muddled through. Now  one panel background is almost done, & I’m excited again! The second panel should move along much faster.

Auditioning fabrics for mountains & glacier

Mountain/glacier panel in progress
A Dall sheep & an eagle will be added later

Here I’m stitching down all edges, using monofilament thread & a zigzag stitch. The large glacier was fused in place first with Lite Steam-a-Seam; the mountain pieces only had narrow strips of fusing along the edges to hold them in  place until stitched.


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