Christmas Greetings

Blessings of the season!

Today I’m making our Christmas cards (through PhotoElf) & standing by as they print. Still to do is the year summary letter to accompany them.

Yes, I’m running late. Another grandchild was married this week & we’ve had family in & out from Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, McCarthy, & Oregon. The bride & her husband received the quilt I made for her when she was a baby, as my grandmother did for me. (You can read about that in the July 2 entry entitled “Wedding Quilt.”)

Since my last post (September) I’ve gone on a quilting cruise to Hawaii, made a dozen quilts,  and done longarm quilting on thirteen customer quilts, five Quilts of Valor, two charity quilts, & five of my own. I will elaborate on some of these in future posts.


One Response to “Christmas Greetings”

  1. Linda Says:

    You’re one busy lady! Your work with Quilts of Valor is *so* appreciated, too, as are all of your other works, I’m sure. Thanks for always stepping forward when someone has a QOV that needs some artwork on it!

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