Scrap Happy Continued

Moving on to the next January scrap quilt. The “dull” orphans were spread out on the floor, with consideration of adding some brighter colors to develop a Quilt of Valor (lap size).

There was one large Wedgewoods block in dull gold & dark blue from a quilting garage sale that I wanted to use in some way. Maybe it could be a center focus?

Idea: How about that Christmas tree skirt that never sold at my craft shows? I could center the Wedgewood block over the hole in the middle & it wouldn’t take a lot more to be lap size!


I removed the binding & ties from the tree skirt. Big gold stars were added in each gore, &  twelve  Lucky Stars blocks were made for the upper & lower .edges from the fabric I cut away under the center Wedgeworks block. The outer edge of the tree skirt was traced on freezer paper to get a template for outer corners, I chose a bright orange-y print to brighten everything & then inset four small orphan compass blocks in the corner areas. Gold bias tape was fused around the circular edge of the tree skirt.

Stars in the Round (not yet quilted)

Stars in the Round (not yet quilted)

Final assembly of the tree skirt quilt, or so I though.  Horrors– the bottom edge was 4 ¼ in  wider than the top edge! How did that happen? I tweaked the circumference, then removed about an inch from the center by taking up one of the “spokes” of the Wedgewood block, which meant also taking up the blue frame & the gold bias tape. The gore I added was too wide so part of it was removed, & came out on right on the nose!

With a narrow green border, my Stars in the Round was complete!




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