Scrap Happy

In January I like to make scrap quilts from accumulated orphan blocks, sample blocks & experimental pieces, leftover strips & sections, as well as actual fabric scraps.

“Black sheep, black sheep, have you any wool?     Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full…”

My resource is but two bags, & they are cotton.

First I pressed everything, then sorted- – into big finished blocks, smaller blocks, flying geese, border/strip possibilities, little combinations. There seemed to be two definite colorways:   lots of blues & purples, & lots of duller greens & browns. There were also a few very bright primary color combos along w/ fish, zoo animals, etc. that I put aside for a child’s quilt.

Starting with the blues & purples, I laid out components on the floor (my “design wall” ) & began creating a quilt.

Right away that long strip made me think it would be useful for a diagonal layout, with flying geese added. The two compass/sunburst large blocks would be my focal points.  I used some purple & lavender fabrics to make a long string of flying geese. Triangles were added to some of the smaller blocks so they would nestle against the diagonal strip. And the quilt is definitely taking shape!

When assembled, it was not large enough for queen size, so I added a wide border of  miscellaneous squares & strips.

Predominantly Purple Piecemeal (not yet quilted)

Predominantly Purple Piecemeal (not yet quilted)



One Response to “Scrap Happy”

  1. Tammy Rowland Says:

    Wow! You ended up with something beautiful out of a hodgepodge of pieces.

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