Designing, Part 4: Choosing a border

Squares on point are prevalent in the panels, but I wanted something a little more sophisticated. Browsing thru The Border Workbook by Janet Kime (Martingale & Co.), I was attracted to the Twined Border. But first the eight-inch blocks must be added to the central section.

Remember the measurements mentioned in Part 2? It didn’t work out quite that way. After my carefully calculated two-inch strips of turquoise were added, the total width was shy of the 56 inches needed. Ripit, ripit… Recut (oversize, just in case), reapply, & trim to fit. And that’s where I had to stop, pack up (sewing first; priorities, after all!) & move. Actually it was fabrics first, sewing machine last–just in case I needed to sew one more seam.

Once the moving transition was made & we were settled in, I added the rest of the blocks around the central section.

Blocks added, ready for border

Blocks added, ready for border

The Twined Border is composed of strip sets. Our present location is remote & “off the grid,” so I have to plan sewing so that ironing/pressing can be done when the generator is on. (There’s solar power backup;  I can use sewing machine anytime, but appliances with heating elements are a different story.)


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