Designing, Part 5: Making the twined border

There is not enough of my background fabric left for the border, so I’m using a different off-white. The difference is hardly noticeable unless the two fabrics are directly next to each other. (I can overcome that by adding a narrow contrasting border between the two.)

After the strip sets were made I checked the “slicing” instructions, & discovered I needed TWO strip sets of C for each unit. Made same, and then another discovery. Some of my strips needed to be 2 1/4 inches, others 2 inches. Wouldn’t you know it? I had switched some in strip set C (bottom strip set in photo).


After these minor setbacks, at last I was ready to slice the strips & sew them together into a border strip, seen on the left in the photo.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it’s all a part of the designing process. When Plan A doesn’t work, on to Plan B. Modify & adapt; make it work.

One Response to “Designing, Part 5: Making the twined border”

  1. Linda Kau Says:

    I like your attitude. There are never mistakes in quilting, only creative opportunities.

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