Designing, Part 6: Making the border fit the quilt


The border strips are completed & ready to add to the quilt. However, there are some issues.

1. It looks too “busy” for my taste, needs a separation between the border strips & the body of the quilt.

2. Though not visible in the photo, the “whites” do not match & should be separated.

3. The twining design has to match in the corners in a pleasing manner. This will involve contrasting “coping strips” which will take care of the first two issues.

The border pattern book gave measurements for the repeat, which I divided into the side, top & bottom measurements. Of course none of them came out even, so the remainders were divided into half to get the width of the coping strips. It still took a little trial & error to make everything come out right.

Twining border added with contrasting coping strips

Twining border added with contrasting coping strips

The colored strips in the twining border are one & a half inches wide, so I added an outer border of one & a half inches to control those bias edges & “contain” the quilt.

I am happy with the results of my designing endeavor. There appears to be a little extra fullness in the borders, but the entire quilt top has not had a final pressing.


Completed Stonehenge quilt top

Completed Stonehenge quilt top

The design process is not complete, in my opinion, until the quilt is quilted & bound, with label & title.

Stay tuned…


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