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Designing, Part 6: Making the border fit the quilt

March 9, 2015


The border strips are completed & ready to add to the quilt. However, there are some issues.

1. It looks too “busy” for my taste, needs a separation between the border strips & the body of the quilt.

2. Though not visible in the photo, the “whites” do not match & should be separated.

3. The twining design has to match in the corners in a pleasing manner. This will involve contrasting “coping strips” which will take care of the first two issues.

The border pattern book gave measurements for the repeat, which I divided into the side, top & bottom measurements. Of course none of them came out even, so the remainders were divided into half to get the width of the coping strips. It still took a little trial & error to make everything come out right.

Twining border added with contrasting coping strips

Twining border added with contrasting coping strips

The colored strips in the twining border are one & a half inches wide, so I added an outer border of one & a half inches to control those bias edges & “contain” the quilt.

I am happy with the results of my designing endeavor. There appears to be a little extra fullness in the borders, but the entire quilt top has not had a final pressing.


Completed Stonehenge quilt top

Completed Stonehenge quilt top

The design process is not complete, in my opinion, until the quilt is quilted & bound, with label & title.

Stay tuned…

Mystery quilt finished!

January 5, 2009

Today is January 4; my New Year’s Day quilt is done–a few days late, due to being ill over the holiday. It was unique to have machine quilting instructions as part of the process. And it was a stretch to do all those feathers! A hundred women were doing this mystery quilt, including some from Australia & Canada.