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Designing a modern quilt

May 30, 2015

The fabrics have been set aside for ages, & the time has come to devote my efforts to designing the quilt. I want a so-called modern look, a few large blocks surrounded by lots of ‘white space’ which will showcase my longarm quilting.

Although I have a vague idea in mind, I start with resources chosen to get my creative juices flowing.

Resources for designing

Resources for designing

Here are the fabrics I’m choosing from.

IMG_7552The dotted fabric is a favorite around which I’m designing the quilt. As it turns out, the piece is only 10″ by 56″. I had to do some computation to figure maximum width of framing borders for my blocks.

Below strips are laid out prior to assembly. In the upper right corner you can see my sketch/plan for three large rectangles & one small rectangle.


Instead of adding the narrow strips like borders, I used the technique of applying the narrow strips on top of & inside the prior border, making a flap which was folded over to meet the seam edge & ironed flat.

I first used this method in a class with Jan Krentz.


And here are the finished blocks.


Next step is figuring how to place them on the light turquoise background fabric.

Oh, no! There’s not enough of the background fabric! I want the finished quilt to be at least twin size. My stash at my present location is very small, & ordering by mail is iffy at best (mail plane twice a week). With another careful look thru my fabrics on hand, I found an ombre grey/black that may work. The dilemma is how to incorporate it & keep the modern look I’m seeking.